Hello!  I’m Greg Arens, or a reasonable facsimile.  I’ve been painting seriously since 1980, and as a result my artwork now hangs in hundreds of collections across the U.S. and in at least 7 other countries.  I mostly paint realistic watercolor landscapes, but also some oils, and other subjects.
     I live in the woods at the base of Virginia’s Blue Ridge, and a lot of my work is done within walking or bicycling distance of my home.  But, since what I paint depends on where I stand, I will go great distances to stand at the right place at the right time. Therefore I’ve traveled from Mexico to Montana to Michigan to Macedonia in search of motifs. 
     Over the years I’ve won dozens of awards in local juried art shows, and have exhibited in 10 states and 2 other countries.  Nonetheless I’m pretty grounded in my approach to making art, not aiming to set or follow any new trend, but rather simply trying to be an honest reporter. 
     I have a LOT more paintings than what I’m showing on this website.  If you would like to see more, please send an email to gregarensdpw@gmail.com specifying if you would be interested in any particular subject, size or price range, and I’ll send you some jpegs of what I’ve got on hand.